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Tina “Isola” Ritchie

Illustrator, Painter, & Storyteller

Tina is a born and raised Nashvillian with a deep love for fantasy and science fiction.  After spending much of her early years exploring the forested mountains of East Tennessee, she moved to the Rocky Mountains to earn a BFA in Illustration. Since then, Tina has self-published and collaborated in multiple comic books as well as established her brand “Tina Isola.” 


The enchantment of natural environments was what first drew Tina to create, and still plays a massive role in her work. Nowadays, storytelling is a primary prerogative, as she seeks to inspire and empower the individual. In contrast to a culture that overemphasizes community, her isolated characters possess hard-earned strength all their own. The “Isola” (or Island) is a sort of playground for Tina’s stories—a universe in which dreams take form, beasts roam freely, and women are the fiercest beasts of all. 


Sam Torode (author of "Dirty Parts of the Bible")

Scout Comics

InChrees the Heat hot sauce

Various Independent Authors



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